Top 10 Green Stuff Modeling Putty

There are so many options out there that you feel confused about what Green Stuff Modeling Putty is your next Green Stuff Modeling Putty? Don’t worry, that feeling is more common than you think.

The ultimate list of the top Green Stuff Modeling Putty options

Among so many Green Stuff Modeling Putty available, which one is the best for you? Here’s the top 10 selection of the best Green Stuff Modeling Putty. Pick the most suitable for your needs!

Best Green Stuff Modeling Putty Detailed Features :

The Army Painter 2 Part Modeling Clay, 20cm - Moldable Model Putty Modeling Compound for Miniatures, Easy-to-Knead Green Putty Epoxy Clay for Sculpting - The Original Green Stuff Kneadatite

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  • EASY-KNEAD - Unlike many model putty, The Army Painter Green Stuff putty takes less time to knead.
  • QUICK-DRYING PUTTY - Hardens fast; leaves you 20-30 minutes for molding & only 8 hours to fully dry.
  • NO-BAKE CLAY PUTTY-Mix equal parts of yellow & blue putty until you get an even green colored putty.
  • NO SMEARS ON YOUR HANDS OR TOOLS -Ddoesn’t leave sticky smears; easy to mold and less messy
  • GET CREATIVE - Customize your models with the original green stuff kneadatite from The Army Painter

"Green Stuff" Blue/Yellow Epoxy Putty

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  • Green Stuff Bars (Kneadatite Blue / Yellow Epoxy Putty) ArmsKeeper
  • Functional cure occurs in 4 to 5 hours when Blue/Yellow can be drilled, sawed, carved, sanded, stained, and painted.
  • Ultimate hardness is reached in 20 to 24 hours.
  • Cured color is green.
  • Bars: Cut or twist off 1 part blue curing agent to 1.5 parts yellow base.

War World Gaming Green Stuff Sculpting Putty – 25cm/10” Strip

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  • Green Stuff Sculpting Putty for Modelling, Conversions and Repairs
  • Green Stuff can be used on Plastic, Resin and Metal Miniatures
  • Use the Putty to Sculpt or Convert your own Miniatures, or Repair and fill in Gaps and Imperfections
  • Working Life of 1-2 hours, Curing Time of 4-5 hours, Maximum Hardness within 24 hours
  • Putty of Choice for Wide Range of Wargames and Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Green Stuff (4"Strip) RPR 75006

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  • 4" strip

Apoxie Sculpt 1 lb. Green, 2 Part Modeling Compound (A & B)

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  • PERFECT FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT - Apoxie Sculpt combines the features and benefits of sculpting clay with the adhesive power of epoxy! Perfect for your next cosplay, craft project, or home décor!
  • NO BAKING - Unlike traditional modeling clay, Apoxie Sculpt cures hard in 24 hours with a semi-gloss finish, making it perfect for additions to costumes or crafts that are too large or delicate for the oven.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE POWER - Because it adheres to nearly any surface, it's great for sculpting, embellishing, bonding, and filling almost any project!
  • PACKAGED BY HAND - You might notice a fingerprint or two when you open a new container of Apoxie Sculpt—don't worry, it hasn't been used! Each container is carefully packaged by hand.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS AVAILABLE - Apoxie Sculpt air dry modeling clay is available in 12 vibrant colors: Natural, White, Black, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Silver-Grey-Grey, Bronze. If you are looking for a bright white color, please check out our Super White Apoxie (our regular Apoxie Sculpt white is more of a copy paper white vs bright white).

Vallejo Plastic Putty, 17ml

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  • Made in Spain
  • Dries to a white, totally opaque
  • Stone hard finish
  • Package dimensions: 3.125" L x 1.0" W x 1.0" H

Gale Force Nine GF9 Educational Products - GF9 Hobby Tools: Green Stuff Basic Epoxy (Sculpting Putty) -

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  • To fashion the models used to make the molds for miniature pewter figures.
  • To fill gaps that appear in "built-up" kits.
  • To customize pieces with added parts not included in model kits.
  • To make original sculptures.Kneadatite is a room-temperature curing epoxy/polyamide sealant in two-part
  • Extremely smooth, non-grainy texture.

Games Workshop Citadel - Liquide Green Stuff, GW-66-12

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  • Country of origin:- China
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Weight: 22.68 grams
  • Colour: Green

Aves Apoxie Sculpt - 2 Part Modeling Compound (A & B) - 1 Pound, Natural

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  • OUR NO BAKE CLAY UTILIZES CHEMICAL REACTIONS -To ensure a rock hard finish to your crafting projects
  • "NO CRACKS OR SHRINKAGE -Our sculpture modeling compounds smooth with water and holds small details. "
  • MIX AS YOU GO -Our modeling clay air dry clay is workable for 3 hours with varying consistency.
  • WATERPROOF CLAY -Once dried, Apoxie sculpt is waterproof, great for outside use and garden projects.
  • NOT JUST CLAY- Apoxie Sculpt works as an adhesive and repair putty as well as durable sculpting clay

Reusable Clay Mold Making Only Use Hot Water. Eco package (Clear White, 8pcs)

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  • Make your own clay molds, using only hot water. This will be one of your best purchases ever.
  • Great clay molding material which is re-usable, so you can keep using it for different mold shapes.
  • Perfect if you need to make lots of clay molds but only need to use each to create few copies. Picks up detail surprisingly well.
  • clear white, 2.28 ×0.61 ×0.31 inches per piece
  • Eco package:Clear White (8pc) & Original Manual (1)


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